Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Out Here, Caught Up In The Traffic)

I'm rolling down the information highway, aka I-20 in Atlanta; it's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday but I'm caught up in traffic behind Sunday drivers. 

This past Sunday? I was rolling with those that made the transformation,  earlier they were Lakeside "all the way live"  cuz! 

What's up with me? I know how the fake ride!! like the Trump / McConnell kumbaya  I spotted the public transportation / transformation after the buzz;  now who'll work with ya? 

Even Gregg Popovich says the sport is complex / frustrating due to the hating; even I'm not relating, but I'm trying to be a warrior instead of a worrier.

Your rolling down I-20 with a frontline spiritual warrior with work to do like the Isley Brothers. 

These jokers will front on yours and mine like Trump vs Puerto Rico and Obamacare,  but it doesn't surprise these brothers.

In pursuit of prizes? the device told us to set our location so we can be tracked by satellites.

 Devices?  like Kaepernick vs the NFL we're left to our own, so once again it's on!! check these insights.

 Priceless?   that's whats up with it!!  like I said we're on our own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald!!

 Nice with this?  hardly!! it's rough out here,  caught up in this Atlanta traffic out on I-20 as coping strategies fail;  considered irresponsible?

Paying the price kid!! check the response bro!!  there's spiritual significance in this operation. 

Paying the price kid!! check the response bro!! even though we're caught up in this traffic on I-20 we maintain focus rebuking the bogus with their hazardous material / chemicals and subliminals, even though it made some lose concentration.

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