Sunday, October 15, 2017

Good Old Days ' Chill Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 3

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  I might have mentioned earlier,  Sunday and Jazz go together..

Sunday meal menus? the saga / struggle continues!! rainy / cloudy / sunshine and blues skies!! any kind of weather..

Some say whatever, as I drop this good word; the skeptical look was written all over their face...

I say whatever!! I continue doing what I do!! next level missions will have me on the case...

Jazz and hip hop together? oh yes!! two of my favorites per listening to Good Old Days ' Chill Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 3 courtesy of LTB Music..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! oh yes!! this is a good way to spend the day, listening to this good music..

 00:00 The Beatknitter - MPD 270 (Back In The Day) 

03:18 The Beatknitter - MPD 554-2 (Agony & Ecstasy)

 06:27 The Beatknitter - MPD 595-3 (The story of my life)  

09:30 The Beatknitter - MPD 266-3 (I could be...I'm only)

 13:06 The Beatknitter - MPD 542 (Lo mismo)

 17:13 Dj Quads - My Duties

 19:14 The Beatknitter - MPD 164-3

 21:02 The Beatknitter - Labtastic 4-2 (NY)  

25:20 The Beatknitter - MPD 555-3 (Traveling through life)

 28:30 The Beatknitter - MPD 598-2 (Can't you see)

 31:58 Dj Quads - Pure Soul 

35:06 The Beatknitter - MPD 386-5 (Work in Progress)

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