Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.9

Check out the chain of events, I wrote this on Columbus Day;  some recognize it,  some don't. 

Indigenous Peoples Day sounds more correct,  with all due respect;  but at the end of the day, respect? some won't. 

How did others play? the chain of command still ran the danger zone but O-Zone?  I still gather / hunt,  even though it's rough out here!!  so I take the old school Baptist preacher's advice and  govern myself accordingly. 

That's the religious lingo, meanwhile math is dropped on a gringo!! this is not a stunt, I do this for my constituents, but I bump heads with the chain of command!!  you know these thought and fashion police along with Trump Wall enthusiasts try to tell me where the border or boundary will be. 

The chain of command? they'll try to connect the wall to DACA but check the chain of events, what did you expect bruh / homie? so now I cosmic slopped after you found me dropping back down to earth. 

Some connect with NACA to save their homes, but the cosmic karma will alarm ya!! what are they worth? 

Napa Valley is on fire, the cosmic karma will alarm ya!!  check the chain of events!!  I bear witness,  as around me? it's the unwanting recipients of nature's other blessings!!

...Or maybe the curse;  alarmed by the big pimping from Harvey Weinstein? whatcha mean? per the chain of command actors and actresses didn't rehearse,  so now they're stressing.

Snitches were confessing like Katrina Powell up in Louisville, along with Marty Blazer and others. 

Hustlers and players said keep their name out of your mouth!! Johnny Blaze / Method Man  or maybe John Blaze / Big Pun / Nas / Jadakiss / Fat Joe types said they don't play that, they're not those kind of brothers!!

Strong arm muscles /  plays / moves by Trump and the chain of command concerning North Korea?  North Korea knows the method, man!!  so what it do? 

I told you earlier the chain of command will manipulate the chain of events!! act like you knew...

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