Monday, October 09, 2017

Soulful Mix Oct 2017

Music Monday is underway!! this digital crate digging will be enhanced by it...

Let the music play!! some might call it the soundtrack for success / they advanced by it..

Monday motivation? oh yes!! bouncing back after the latest episode was supposed to take us out...

Some are still hating!! trouncing the masses is the mode, the devil and his advocates opposed!! they hate to see us going all out!!

Without a doubt!! announcements made in these classes and seminars? oh yes!! Soulful Mix Oct 2017 by DJ Steve Adams will school them...

Check out the playlist and the mix, science we'll kick!! the DJ had the right jams to school them..


1. ANT LaROCK ft Zhao - The Question (Main Mix) 

2. Meital De Razon & Asi Tal - Caught Up (Steven Stone Remix) 

3. Mr Brian Power ft Rebecca Scales Presents - Have You Ever (Vocal Mix)

4. Mario Bianco & Master Polo ft The Blue Gospel Singers - Raise It Up (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

5. Cafe 432 ft Lonyo - What's Up (Club Mix) 

6. Shane D ft Jacqueline Gilbert - Keep The Fire Burning

7. Soul Pups ft Phebe Edwards - Stand Up 

8. Honey Dijon & Tim K ft Sam Sparro - Look Ahead 

9. Inaya Day & Ultra Nate - Over Me (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director's Cut mix)

10. Jimmy Read ft King Cass - Diamond In The Back (Full Intention Remix) 

11. Rightside ft Maria Marcial - TKL (This Kind of Love) (Shane D Remix) 

12. July - Mood (Booker T Soulful Mix)

13. Yass ft Tori - Been Set Free

14. Mind Street ft Andrea Love - Celebrate (Funky Mix)

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