Monday, October 30, 2017

Recuperation : Let The Healing Process Begin PT.9

 Digital crate digging continues, it's Music Monday so you know I'll do my thing..

The saga / struggle continues!! it's all part of the recuperation; let the healing process begin!!

The saga / struggle continues!! we're in need of Monday Motivation on what some call a Manafort Monday!!  please!! I'm trying to muster up enough quotes to ease the pain.  

Another continues to do their thing!! they'll have to man up in the sport like Paul Manafort!! they're trying to muster up enough votes for their ill campaign. 

Aided by Rick Gates? the system still hates!! some understand the sport is complex as the reign of terror is underway!!  it began with a drizzle. 

Sonic tools are used in these debates!! horror and terror is rebuked as we get breakbeat scientific!!  sounds are provided by O-Dizzle

They coincide with this good word reflecting old school / new school and next school views dropped by O-Zone. 

Let the healing process begin!! this is part of the recuperation!! we try to reconcile good and evil promotions going down in this zone.
Let the healing process begin!! this is part of the recuperation!! the healing of the spirit has not been completed!! we're laying in the cut not bragging and boasting about our nuclear program like North Korea

Not playing around with the corrupt, so excuse me if I act brand new and don't go along with the program!! I told some I see ya but wouldn't want to be ya!!

Blame it on Scorpio Season?  so called pundits and experts will find another reason.

I'm done!! but per Music Monday?  I'm still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Earth Wind and Fire's Reasons.

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