Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Sonic Assault Manifesto

Check this manifesto; Digital Crate Digging Continues along with Sunday and Afternoon Jazz. 

..Plus the saga / struggle continues;  the good word is dropped so this dude won't spaz.

HumpDay Extravaganzas are going down per the calendar but the system will get foul with ya!! grey area scenarios are dealt with by using Guru Jazzamatazz scenarios.  

Who'll understand us? Heatwave mind blowing decisions are made after a dude felt the pressure,  no weapons flashed or war plans stolen / hacked like North Korea..

No weapons flashed like Stephen Paddock out in Las Vegas,  with bump stocks utilized. 

Weapons were stashed like Rick James and The Stone City Band!! check the  punk funk rock!!  some are surprised.

Weapons crashed when they were formed against us per Ray Lewis on two knees; please!! these gamblers are out for a fast buck. 

They had plots and schemes of hitting up a Brinks, Garda or the Loomis truck.  

This manifesto will be like magic / presto!! rebuking disaster brinks that were on so many levels stressing the masses.

Per this manifesto? faster is how one thinks, rebuking so many devils against your blessing! wildfires spred like the Napa Valley!!  check the ongoing clashes..

Blessings bring responsibility, but doubt was evident per our hair being nappy;  how did we respond when some question the ability? 

Blessings from the Sonic Assault? oh yes, check out this manifesto,  but more questions are asked;  what's the deal with me?

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