Friday, October 27, 2017

Recuperation: Let The Healing Process Begin PT.8

Let the healing process begin!! damn!!  danger zones were full of clones,  they were waiting in the dark

..waiting like Zombies for the Apocalypse ;  meanwhile we're rocking this like Napa Valley;  fires we spark

Recuperation takes place, but naysayers were knocking this hustle they're all in our face!! they're  foul with you and me!! check the battlefront,  per the Attack of the Clones,  The Empire Strikes back at their dissidents. 

Lubrication? oil is sprinkled / prayers were sent up,  knocking down walls like Jerrico!  but like the so called release of the JFK Files you know how it go,  pundits and so called experts were dissing this. 

We know how it works; District 12 was destroyed per the Hunger Games,  peacekeepers brought everything but the peace. 

Please!! it's rough out here for a pimp, even Harvey Weinstein types!!  I mentioned earlier a black man can't have any peace

Let the healing process begin!! Public Enemy told you not to believe any hypes,  but some didn't listen. 

Public Enemy also said Welcome To The Terrordome, so once again it's on!! that's per our Flashback Friday dealings.

...part of that Friday Feeling!! undergoing recuperation?  you don't quit and you don't stop!!

Let The Healing Process Begin!! oh yes, Digital Crate Digging will continue!!  we'll  bring jazz / funk / soul and house music,  plus hip hop. 

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