Thursday, October 26, 2017

Recuperation (Let The Healing Process Begin) PT.7

Let the healing process begin!! your dude is a hospitable host to ideas running through my mind /  head. 

Part of the recuperation!! drum and bass from Hospital Records plays while scattered thoughts run like scattered drumbeats, but smoothed out like reggae from the dread. 

Recuperating!! I broadcast from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta,  out here in these woods. 

Green Acres culture shock?  Mr Haney types brag and boast, while  Al Roker mentions your neck of the woods. 

Haters were like Trump bragging and boasting about ovations from Republicans while McCain, Flake and Corker said he's not their brother man!! no respect in these hoods is forthcoming. 

But even they bring the pain, fake with it , popping the cork on debates after derailing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!! whatcha know?  beats will thump, O-Zone was dragging and dropping!! check the  innovation of a breakbeat scientific nature per the funky drumming. 

Some are in pain, they can't take it!! like North Korea dragging and dropping nuclear weapons is Armageddon coming? 

We're recuperating, check the scenario;  it got lonely out there but we kept on running. 

Let the healing process begin!! we're collecting thoughts on a scale from the past per Throwback Thursday to Stepping Into Tomorrow per Donald Byrd.

Once again it's on!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed based on the sound and the good word. 

Once again it's on!! you heard? we're dropping this like Trump releasing the JFK files...

Once again it's on!! you heard? this is not the Trump dossier jokers will try to distract you playing it another way; check the styles..

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