Monday, October 16, 2017

Recuperation (Let The Healing Process Begin) PT.4

I was chilling out, recuperating per some 12th house activity!! let the healing process begin, but damn!!  I didn't know I was chilling in attack zones.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded like bombs in Somalia / Mogadishu  or was it Las Vegas and Stephen Paddock?  was I under attack by clones? 

The Brotha O-Zone is just dropping this good word on ya,  while my alter ego O-Dizzle worked on some Soul Sonic Force type beat perfection. 

In this zone?  the 80 / 20 rule applies,  authority?  a dude defies!!  now under scrutiny in this section. 

Earlier in this zone? I was on some I-20 Chronicle type of business! yesterday? spotted the rainbow on the Eastside but Saturday? young cats at South Dekalb Mall showed respect to the OG.

Social psychological factoring?  let the healing process begin!! were all in pain bro!! we're on the same page!! trying to recuperate but I'm feeling the same rage!!  but I'm  still trying to uphold the legacy. 

Please!!  attacks are underway like the Obama legacy threatened by Trump.

Please!!  attacks are underway!  dude tried to dip down I-20 in Atlanta  in the Subaru Legacy after the caper wall pulled but it wasn't built for that,  you can't get over the hump.

Seasons / reasons change; please!!  the Fall Equinox was about three weeks ago!

Treasons were revealed from Trump Russia to Steve Bannon's Season of War;  we already know how it go! 

Appeasing a gringo is not how we flow;  reckless abandon was their behavior. 

Pleasing a Negro? that's not how the system will flow!! per Colin Kaepernick collusion lawsuits we see they're disrespectful; what did you expect bro!!  Biz Markie with the Vapors, nothing can save ya.

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