Friday, October 13, 2017

Recuperation (Let The Healing Process Begin) PT.3

Damn, here we go again!! in need of recuperation,  we're burning the candle at both ends.  

Damn, here we go again!! let the healing process begin, but we're too busy lighting the candelabra, we didn't stop bro!!  dropping both the good word and the funky blends. 

Inciting the Phantom of the Opera bringing the Donald Trump vs Obamacare drama?  keep an eye on those familiar spirits. 

Exciting? to them the drama is!! rolling like Phantom Forces pumped up by Friday The 13th? the chain of command is ready to issue demerits!!

Enlightening the masses with these Random Thoughts, I'm writing this on a Flashback Friday. 

Letting the masses know that not a damn thing has changed, it's just like back in the day!!  just new methods to the madness,  check out how some play. 
Some jokers are back in the way, episodes go down;  damn!!  now we're pointed in another direction. 

Tried to chill, recuperating but we're back into play!! now we unleash this Sonic Assault,  dropping these sounds and poems in your section. 

What's the deal? some are still hating!! the apparatus tried to play us like Poindexter,  wrecking our endeavors!! they'll play us like Trump vs Puerto Rico.

Check the status;  they'll say it'll cost to much when we already overpaid the price!!  they'll try to trump up charges per RICO

Check the status; I'm chilling / recuperating listening to some Chico Hamilton on some Flashback Friday business..

Who'll holla at us? Team Umizoomi type of Troublemakers will disturb us while we're trying to let the healing process begin per some 12th house activity!! they'll be active with that shady type of businesss..

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