Friday, August 17, 2018

Black Coffee Redbull Radio Mix 2018 |RBMA20

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; what's the catch phrase? it's the weekend baby!!

Once again its on!! I gave the cash back and I'm doing it my way, no sellouts!! it's all about the cash? that argument is a weak one baby!!

I continue to clash with the apparatus!! they'll try to revoke my security clearance like John Brennan..

I continue to clash with the apparatus!! blessed with diplomatic immunity!! please!! clearance eack epiphanies provide the explanation..

Check the situation, as we listen to this Black Coffee Redbull Radio Mix 2018 |RBMA20 courtesy of FireDeep SA..

Check the situation; some of that good Afro- House Music, my constituents can use it!! check the playlist and the mix; let the music play!!

Tracklist 1.Aaaron, Deckert & Valentine Romanski – Prologue 2.Kususa – Closure feat. Lisa M 3.Zakir – Save The Children 4.Kususa & Zithane – Igugu 5.Stereocalypse – Blue Dome Escargot 6.Charles Webster – Show Me The Sun feat. Diviniti (Mix 1) 7.Vaal Deep – Soba 8.Jackie Queens – Love Will Wait feat. Kususa 9.Cee ElAssaad – Sacred Chant (Rocco Rodamaal Remix) 10.Kato Change & Winyo – Abiro (Da Capo’s Touch

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