Monday, August 13, 2018

Chilling Our / Letting It Do What It Do PT. 7

We're chilling out, letting it do what it do on this Monday morning!! as I mentioned earlier,  reality is kicking asses and taking names. 

Shady dealing is going down out here!! it's like Trump vs Sessions with Rudy Giuliani spitting game!! we paid attention even though resources are scarce!!  a veteran is still up in these games. 

Played different realms and dimensions; from rolling down I-20 in Atlanta to out on I-80 in Oakland.. 

Dodging planes landing on I-580, lately? you might spot me rolling on MARTA in Atlanta /  TARC in Louisville to BART in the Bay Area!!  getting open.

Chilling out, letting it do what it do! like Drake mentioned God's plan is in motion so I try to follow those steps...

The struggle is real out here!! the fake were in my face acting odd like they've "got it going on" but the system corrupts..

The struggle is real out here!! Sun Ra mentioned space was the place,  now Trump wants to start a Space Force. 

O-Zone paid attention even though he stays broke, like he mentioned earlier so who will work with a bruh?  the system will throw you off course. 

What's the dizzle? O-Dizzle is going off of course,  that's how he runs things. 

What's the dizzle? drizzle preceded the reign but success was attained; we've  done things.
These days? we're chilling out / letting it do what it do!! we're getting out of God's way..

I told you  earlier the shady dealing continues out here; the shadetree mechanic will try to fix things and the armchair quarterback will run an odd play..

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