Thursday, August 16, 2018

Chilling Out / Letting It Do What It Do PT. 10

Damn, here we go again! we're chilling out / letting it do what it do on this Throwback Thursday!! but sometimes?  in the mainstream of mathematics we'll flow again. 

Damn, here we go again!  going for what we're knowing is the catch phrase!! I guess like Trump revoking John Brennan's security clearance we're showing and proving. 

Naw!! we're not rolling like that,  no interference with anyone!  we're showing / proving things to ourselves;  going on with our bad selves,  like the old sister told us to!!

Breakbeat scientific!! pulling funk off of shelves from vinyl and cassettes in the garage, plus typing this good word about the ongoing charade / barrage like our spirit told us to..

Once again it's on!! we're chilling out / letting it do what it do but sometimes? fanatics I still fight!! you know they're Babylon's anointed ones.

Flagrant agents in this zone? oh yes!! a lot of card carrying members!! like Capital One, what's in your wallet? these mathematics are pointed at those /  ones.

Those who are faking it?  ones who disappointed my people? they told us not to worry.

Per the smoke and mirrors program, some said they had things under control!! but they'll have to worry about me..I wasn't in a hurry.

Chilling out / letting it do what it do,  already a few steps ahead,even though vision was blurry in the smoke and mirrors!  others were like Trump and Giuliani waiting on Robert Mueller /  waiting in the dark.

Talking about their hunch was right, but over in Decatur "Po Po"  was staking some out;  vehicles were in park.

Others were stalking about!! out to lunch in the ball park?  called out by the umpire.

Brothas like me were chilling out / letting it do what it do; broadcasting live from Atlanta!! striking back against the so called empire.

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