Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Chilling Out / Letting It Do What It Do PT.8

We're chilling out, letting it do what it do; so, what it do? on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? God's will is done on earth and as it is in heaven..

I'm trying to get out of the way, acting like I knew but this squad still had work to do so we keep on living..

Once again it's on, as I like to say; no recognition is given like Trump not mentioning John McCain while signing the defense bill named for him; we kept on running,  as we move to the next episode. 

Once again it's on!! we're chilling out, letting it do what it do /  we're just trying to maintain!! you'll have to excuse O-Zone as a dude breaks off into a breakbeat scientific mode.

In Babylon? shady dealing is going down!! zones owe us reparations,  they need to break us off!! this was discussed with my homie from Akron Ohio.

He's from Lebron James territory, another way is how Trump tried to tell the story but we already know.

We're chilling out, letting it do what it do but we continue to go for what we know; as I like to say?  the saga / struggle continues.

Some are broken with a few screws loose like Richard Russell, dude that stole the airplane out in Seattle;  the saga / struggle continues. 

Broken beats and English will reflect the anguish,  as I represent my constituents. 

Broke out here in these streets!!  but damn!! check the opioid epidemic!!  they can still get opiates and barbiturates. 

One of my mixes mentioned barbarism and chaos /  mayhem as reason gave way to madness!!  some folk are flipping out.

In the midst of the chaos and confusion?  we're chilling out, letting it do what it do!! we kept it moving / catch us out on I-20 in Atlanta, dipping out.

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