Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Chilling Out / Letting It Do What It Do PT.2

August is here, so what's the strategy?  per this HumpDay Extravaganza this dude is chilling out / letting it do what it do..

Augustus Caesar types are ignored; I've got diplomatic immunity!! rebuking the Trump shady dealing out here!! telling Jeff Sessions to shut the Russia probe down? I understand how these jokers get down,  a brotha is acting like he knew!!

I see the moves that were made  by these folk in the community;  now I'm asking,  where are they from and who are they with? 

O-Zone? after I thought about it the dude  approves of the Rakim message;  "it ain't where you from it's where your at"

Zones are hit up with the drumkit;  that's how O-Dizzle will do business!! 

Tones from the Trump Kim Jong Un  and the Trump Putin summits are analyzed,  to see what the deal is. 

Clones find out what the real is, there's no disputing the truth  after their implanted chip or bar code was scanned. 

O-Zone? he even found out what the real is!!  from Blogster and Facebook he was banned! 

Where did the mothership strand a brotha?  I'm down here in Atlanta with these earthlings. 

The  saga / struggle continues;  a dude  is chilling out, letting it do what it do!!  that's how I work things.

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