Monday, August 06, 2018

Chilling Out / Letting It Do What It Do PT. 4

I'm out here taking notes,  soon reading the TelePrompTer letting my people know what the deal is. 

Not changing my story like Trump per Russian collusion; I'm out here taking these quotes and using the brand new funk,  letting my people see what the real is. 

Folk change in this hostile territory, check the confusion; I'm chilling out letting it do what it do, I'm not running around in circles!!  answering peoples questions about what's the business

Local / national / international and intergalactic?  the realms are many,  somebody should be able to feel this.

Like Facebook vs Alex Jones and InfoWars  O-Zone bumped heads with an irrational fanatic; victory was ours,  praise the Lord!!  but I'm out here trying not to brag and boast. 

Face to face with a crook in these zones? this dude knows how it go so I'm chilling out letting it do what it do, not trying to have the big head!!   things can go sideways, we'll get burnt like toast!!

Jokers were "turnt up"  from the East to West coast and all points in between. 

Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier?  we're local / national / international and intergalactic!! chilling out at the moment on this Monday Morning but ready to roll after observing the scene.

What was heard / seen / felt? jokers acted irrational like Trump taking on Lebron James..

Gamblers out for a fast buck dealt bad cards; the fight was fixed!!  this good word and beats that thump are how we respond to these games!!

Some will understand us when we say reality is kicking asses and taking names!! check the weekend shooting spree in Chicago..

It's rough out here, but I'm chilling out letting it do what it do; like old dude in Louisville told me "it is what it is and what it's gonna be" ; I wasn't running around in circles I had to let it go...

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