Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kyoto Jazz Massive ‎– Eclipse

Sunday Jazz Continues!! so what's up? by now my constituents know how I do things..

Jazz music is on these menus, so called constitutional eights enabled me to do things.. this; spiritual warfare? we fight this!! First Amendment rights like a white civil rights rally in Washington? 

This spiritual warfare is going down!! we'll try to deal with it even though it seems some of the enemy's moves are orchestrated from Washington!!

What's up son? they'll even fight among themselves like Trump vs Jeff Sessions, meanwhile we respond with these sessions!!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo aggressions?  damn!!  that dude, Richard Russell out in Seattle who stole the airplane mentioned being broken with screws loose; last minute confessions? 

Kyoto Jazz Massive with Eclipse will play during these Sunday Jazz sessions; perfect for today or anyday..

Whatcha know? massive is how this movement is as this good word is dropped and we let the music play..

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