Monday, August 20, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.2

What's really going on per this Monday morning,  like my blog?   a dude is just trying to resist the hypocrisy. 

What's really going on?  some of my constituents are in need of Monday motivation, they even mentioned a resistance glossary. 

Some mentioned politics concerning your identity!! what's the deal with me? O-Zone won't quit and won't stop!!  I'll keep doing what I'm doing. 

Paid attention even though I'm broke due to interference from micro and macro economics; next level dramatics will have me out here  "jack moving" 

Dropping a clearance rack epiphany just in time for back to school!! others in the class?  damn!! they're sleeping "all up in this piece"  

Security clearance revoked like John Brennan due to shady dealing? others couldn't get a pass,  now we're out here crying no justice no peace.

Diplomatic immunity exercised, even though I was in the amen corner; now I'm trying to make a jack move..

Dipped back to the community, lamping on the block / corner where authorities will track your moves..

Out here on I-20 on Atlanta going postal? put a stamp on that thing, as this good word is dropped!   hostile territories and their policies are exposed..

Jokers were out here trying to get open like Michael Cohen, or they try to man up in the sport like Paul Manafort; soon exposed...

The devil was opposed; damn!! I guess we'll have to take ours with this jack move..

The devil was opposed!! now we're swinging the Sonic Blackjack!! O-Dizzle will show and prove..

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