Monday, August 06, 2018

Kamaal Williams - Catch The Loop

Music Monday is hot like these 90 degree temperatures here in Atlanta!! in the meantime,  Digital Crate Digging Continues!!

Didn't play with those that plot and scheme like Gates and Manafort; the system hates but I had to man up in the sport!! now the saga / struggle continues.

Jazz, funk, hip hop, soul music and house music are on these menus; we're playing the sport like a veteran is supposed to!! 

Didn't quit / stop!! just a troop / soldier handling spiritual warfare front line type of business that the devil is opposed to!!

Kamaal Williams  and Catch The Loop is dropped with that jazz funk / broken beat type flavor!!

Similar to my dealings!! the scoop? O-Dizzle came through and dropped this broken beat / broken English type of  behavior!!

Chilling out to this!! the scoop? check the players and the track,  they've got the knack!! this is perfect for this Music Monday or whenever!!

The scoop? check those prayers, some of us might be worried about the wrong thing!! trying to be cunning / clever? 

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