Sunday, August 26, 2018

Carl Craig and Pepe Bradock ‎– Angola (Get Down Dub By Pepe Bradock)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! what it do? we're hitting the ground running, even though it got lonely out there..

Let the music play!! listening to jazz and derivatives of it!!  you got to love it, even though some say O-Zone is out there!!

Out there, playing left yield, working it a dude didn't yield!! clones are not associated with!! drones? haters played with them..

New bases were  built by them over in  Agadez Niger to help the Africa Command so what's up man? my people? I prayed for them..

New cases are dealt with like in the country of Angola, meanwhile you were told about Prison Strike 2018 in places like  Angola prison in Louisiana..

Listening to Carl Craig and Pepe Bradock ‎with Angola , my people are still trying to get over!! it's a big world, maybe somebody will understand a brotha!!

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