Friday, August 03, 2018

Chilling Out / Letting It Do What It Do PT.3

Chilling out, letting it do what it do!! old dude up in Louisville told me "it is what it is and what it's gonna be"

Shady dealing out here in Babylon? that's how they do, word from Netflix vs Farrakhan? once again it's on, but jokers said they're on to me..

Like my satellite station , What's Really Going On? I'm back on the set with a few words,  but I noticed terms of service had been updated. 

Caught up in an unpleasant situation? we didn't quit or forfeit,  doing things different but we're still hated. 

Flashback Friday type of business? Beastie Boys "license to ill" type certificates were issued by Donald Trump. 

So what's going on? we're dealing with types like QAnon!! how did we respond?  this good word is dropped and beats thump. 

It's all game / it only took a minute to fall love,  but per Jimmy Ruffin what becomes of the broken hearted? 

 Flashback Friday? I'm all up in those pop and soul music songs! breakbeat scientific?  oh yes!! beats are broken don't get O-Dizzle started. 

Breakbeat scientific!! dearly departed started it so we finish it;  hope shouldn't diminish. 

But on this rainy Friday morning in Atlanta? I'm chilling out, letting it do what it do!!  but your dude O-Zone farted out this good word due to the internal and external scrimmage. 

I'm chilling out, letting it do what it do!! but don't get me wrong I'm peeping game I'm not asleep in the game..

What did they expect this Scorpio to do? oh yes, we see whatthe sport will do!!  like Trump teamed up with Rudy Giuliani with that slick New York style we recognize that it's all game..

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