Monday, August 27, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.3

We're making a jack move on this Monday Morning!!  to ourselves? we'll show and prove!! somebody else might even get inspired..

Monday Motivation provided out here where good and evil collided after the episode transpired..

The situation? caught up in an unpleasant one like shootings down at the Jacksonville Landing!! doing the knowledge, after landing in Jacksonville down in Edgewood, out on Normandy Blvd and on the Southside!!  the mothership got good mileage so we kept it moving. 

Jokers keep proving how foul it gets, some are understanding as those with the deliberate falsehoods keep showing and proving. 

Oh yes!!  they're playing the truth game!!  truth or reality as they know it. 

Per Rudy Giuliani?  truth isn't truth!! Kellyanne Conway mentioned alternative facts;  they'll show it. 

What will the response be? we act like we know it!! check out how we play!! jack moves are made to get ours. 

Per Music Monday? old house music heads followed Steve "Silk" Hurley's instructions when he  mentioned "Jack Your Body";   it's what we had to do as society raised the bars. 

House music / hip hop? we had work to do fighting ongoing corruptions!!  O-Zone had a few bars,  while O-Dizzle had the beats.

 It was conducive as we make this jack move!! it stopped the madness for a minute or two but we know it'll be back; we know what "the dizzle"  is in these streets.

 It was conducive as we make this jack move!! the matrix architect's alt-shift-deletes are rebuked..

Peace? it's elusive but we'll make a jack move trying to find it!! sonic assaults are unleashed, evil spots will get nuked!!

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