Sunday, August 05, 2018

Brand New Heavies - Never Stop

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I asked the question earlier, what else besides gospel music should you listen to on Sunday?

Check these menus, soul food is provided; who'll work with me? jokers are hostile, will Michael Jordan types  have my back like the Trump vs Lebron play? 

Check the venues;  The Sonic Assault ,  plus Random Thoughts From A Brotha and What's Really Going On!! 

What it do? caught up in the system / matrix but we made a break for it!! now the funk is dropped by O-Dog and this good word by O-Zone..

Navigating the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors as Trump / Giuliani types told us we've got nothing to worry about...

Navigating our way through Babylon, taking the  Brand New Heavies advice; we Never Stop, going all out..

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