Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Four Five Sixing It.....Ten Steps Ahead...

What's the good word? the good word? I have a whole sack full...I was doing the mathematics; I was four, five, sixing it!

Staying ten steps ahead of fanatics!! like Mitt Romney?  naw!! not me...more like an old school Julius Erving or Mose Malone Philadelphia 76ing it! 

O-Zone has this good word!! while DJ O-Dizzle is fixing it in the mix!

.....Danger zone graduates who were once out there...up in Louisville with the jackers, hustlers, and mackers plus junkies looking for a hit or fix! 

Little homie was like Sam Hurd of the Chicago Bears...talking about hitting a lick!! rolling with a stick up in the Chevy Impala! 

Vehicles will get heard? just like Lizard Lick; along with homes in foreclosure as the economy gets fouler!

Dipping down I-85 towards Charlotte; the signs and  mile markers show I'm in close proximity! 

Transmitting Live with the hardcore style!! doing what I can to knock this weird energy! 

Trying to survive; jokers like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney who have plots and schemes that'll take us under!

But these beat brokers are four, five, sixing it...we stay ten steps ahead!! even though glitches in the matrix introduced by the fake cause some to rape, pillage, and plunder!!

Bets were over or under at the crap game at Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day! 

Now chilling in the ATL; dropping mathematics..four five sixing it... ten steps ahead; others were waiting in the here they come back in the way!
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