Sunday, January 15, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles....Once Again Its On and Popping

Once again its on!!! MLK Holiday weekend in the ATL...check out these I-20 Chronicles! 

This is word from an Americas Most Wanted / prime suspect..stereotypes come into play...but I wasn't the one to play...I wasn't responsible for those!

Just like Tim Tebow's hype was deflated.....we're knowing the devil will oppose; the old school Baptist preacher taught me that lesson back in the day up in Newburg / Louisville! 

Now I'm on another level fighting back with the Sonic Assault!! like Holyfield..its the Real Deal! 

But now I'm dealing with another devil; from banks and other corporate crooks to jokers down at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta humming and bumming! 

....Dude asked me for fifty cents..another asked me for spare change; I told him Change is coming per Sam Cooke...meanwhile O-Dizzle will jam in the lab..we cook soul food; the funky drummer is drumming! 

Whats the attitude? a hater circumvents; shady..shifty....just a crook rolling like a gambler..out for a fast buck! 

Whats the attitude? capers are pulled..then dude dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the Ford F-150, the Dodge Ram, or some other fast truck!

Whats the attitude? now debt is downgraded by Standard and Poors they hooked up Europe...meanwhile a slacker will try to pass the buck; but a hustler or macker said its all about a buck!! but it gets deeper than that..

While this good word is dropped and the sound played a jacker lost hope...realized theres no justice or peace..they're down to Plan they're ready to creep up on that...

Don't sleep on that!!! or your cruise ship will get wrecked like that one in Italy...

It was called the Costa Concordia...meanwhile these sell outs can't afford a brotha...Lord Help Lord Help is the Battle Cry..some folk just might feel me....

As we dip down I-20 here in Atlanta...once again its on and popping...

That's where the mothership landed a brotha...but we'll put it down..we aren't quitting and we aren't stopping...

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