Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Its Like This and Like That And A...Recognize The Pattern

Whats the deal? some defend their record like Mitt Romney..we need to recognize the pattern...its like this and like that and a..but sometimes that's a good thing! 

Usually nobody is checking for me...not even for my birthday like the brotha Muhammad Ali..another Louisvillian..some didn't realize this was a hood thing! 

Haters play me like a Louisvillain..I Felt The Pressure...they want me to go under like the Costa Concordia...meanwhile I'm dipping down Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia in the old Cut Dog; wood grain and leather in the interior! 

Like the truth distorted at Republican debates some act like they didn't understand a bruh!! they said "whatever" ..based on the exterior! 

Things were stereotypical....we "know how it go"...but we're dedicated to the truth...please!!  its like this and like that! 

Whatcha know? we see what it do...haters get fooled by the appearance; I used intelligence to fight that! 

Ecological ignorance didn't alter the fate..as I bring the light back to those waiting in the dark; theres two sides to the game like Gemini! 

Homie was singing Poison by Bell Biv and Devoe.. "you can't trust a big butt and a smile" but home girl said that's a damn lie! 

We bring the noise in!! didn't lose our poise in the ongoing chaos and confusion..but some want to see us go under..foreclose on us like OJ's home...if we do or don't were damned if we try....per the naysayers!

Its "a rat race..dog eat dog" ....that's per Mr Cole..so we say prayers!

Back in the day? we rolled with the hustlers and the players; these days I let them do their thing!

Whose back in the way? old schoolers traveling like Gulliver said they're doing their thing!

These days? the funky track will play..this is what they meant by it...though things in this world are unraveling..a gullible one was catching hell!

....Dropping this good word.....its like this and like that and a!!! I spotted jokers in Babylon as they fell!

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