Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Real Deal Holyfield Type Of Business

This is Real Deal Holyfield type of business; whats up with this? please!!  this is how its going down! 

This Louisville brotha is playing the field like Willie Mays...making basket catches; while O-Dizzle plays the music .....he's throwing down! 

Whats the deal?  haters try to front on us like Arizona's governor did Pres. Obama...those basket cases and cuckoo nest flyers get hit up with fresh batches of the Sonic Assault....that's what were coming with! 

Whats the deal?  whats up with ya? drastic measures are taken!! but were not biting off Holyfields ear like Mike Tyson did...check the good O-Dizzle is drumming it! 

As we go there...rolling like Navy Seals vs Somali pirates..while jokers are biting off Tyson's chicken watching Miley Cyrus videos... meanwhile so called players were just tricking!! I here them bouncing around in Stacy Adams kicks!

They said its all gravy baby!!.....claiming to be the real deals like Holyfield..but check this knowledge that O-Zone kicks! 

Shady Like Grady characters are exposed to the its the aurora borealis...we know what the deal is...they were waiting in the dark!

....Lurking victims they'll be murking; the drama they'll spark! 

Were working it out!! check how we kick this after rolling with Plutonians and parking the mothership down here with these earthlings!

Now bear witness to the real deal Holyfield type business being conducted!! this is how we work things!

Some won't feel this..its just like in the Middle justice no peace... 

Some know what the real say the least..but we still deal with the beast...staying on point...we can't be at ease...

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