Monday, January 09, 2012

Somebody Dropped The Ball

Armchair quarterbacks said they were like Tim Tebow...said they had the perfect play!! but like Atlanta Falcons somebody dropped the ball! 

Its not fair!! from the south of the border with Iran's president to  back to cities flooded like Houston...shadetree mechanics showed no pity!! big money was dropped for the job but they were the wrong ones to call!

Playa playas were the wrong ones to ball; please!! authorities already had them in the database! 

What can I say to ya? will I need a new Chief of Staff like the White House? whose all up in the house?  please!!! you know were all subject to the authority....due to the dollars that we chase! 

I had this math for jokers that were up in my face....down at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..humming and bumming.....they need to check themselves before they wreck themselves! 

Jokers dropped the ball!!! asking me for spare change...but they're rocking Air Jordan's....a New Era hat and had a cell phone; they're going on with their bad selves! 

Jokers dropped the ball!!! these Grady Babies amaze me!! but so did the ones born at Louisville General! 

Or from Shands in The Jacksonville....whats the deal? a shady one had rabies after being snake bit in the snake pit; what were they into?

Some said they were Hall of Fame ballers like Barry Larkins..or maybe coaching like Romeo Crennel...but the trick play didn't do very well!!! some were fake with it...they dropped the ball!

While others were waiting in the dark O-Zone will kick this knowledge; a beat?  O-Dizzle will break it!! we fell though this breakbeat science;  its dropped on y'all!

Somebody dropped the ball...but were ready to knock the ball in the hole like Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach...

What's up y'all? as we put it in survival mode....things are tight in these hoods..but worldwide? my peeps we'll reach..

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