Friday, January 13, 2012

More Blue Lights Than K-Mart Once Had

Rolling down Glenwood Road in Decatur Georgia; further up the street I see blue lights flashing! 

...Dekalb authorities trying to control hostile territories  just like sanctions against Iran..whats up man? with the arch nemesis they're clashing! 

Hustlers, pimps, and drug dealers were cashing in chips like Las Vegas or Atlantic City! 

Wishing it was simple!! but no sympathy was granted from the street committee! 

....Getting played like S and P downgraded France and Italy's debt...whats up with it? whats the word on the curb..whats the deally?  views were slanted by naysayers on the street, and in the social and mainstream media! 

Whats the word on the curb? like Herman Cain got played out there in the mainstream of mathematics; you know fanatics will try to impede ya!

We heard about the King of Bain.....word from The Police...similar to the King Of Pain? it's on...once again!! rackets supported by full metal jackets will feed ya or take food off your plate! 

The police set up roadblocks in the A-Town while corporations count phat profits...CEO's were living large..while the masses were fooled by some who are getting off on the hate!

Please!! still following the street code...though the system knocks the hustle...but they should abort operations...were going in like Lions the Summit...

Please!! rolling in a discrete mode...but using mental and physical muscle...check out the good word...we brought the drum with it...

Like Adrian Peterson we're not done with it...even though we see the blue lights flashing....check the sonic rehab..

Whose impeding progress like no I-Phones in China?  saw the blue lights flashing...where did you find a bruh? bear witness to this product from the lab...  

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