Saturday, January 28, 2012

Upgrading / Updating

Whats the deal? shorty was rocking Dickie's and Doc Martens rolling in the Jeep Cherokee! 

Updated / upgraded punk rocker!! meanwhile check the good word as I kick these....O-Dizzle chilled with Plutonians and Martians; check the funk..he had the boom....whose starting with him; who'll be fair with me? 

Who'll truth or dare me? whats the word from Nouriel Roubini aka Dr. Doom? please!! I chilled with felonious ones back in the day; did that vibe rub off on me? now the Thelonius Monk type vibe is exhibited! 

Upgraded / updated?  feel this..were on it!!! but its like dealing with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi ....the San Francisco sheriff....confusion and frustration was introduced....glitches in the matrix...that's what we have to deal it!

Some get desperate like Newt these days and times it seems like its a new and improved version! 

Upgraded and updated!!  habituals with their rituals called themselves "getting with it"...they're just fanatics dipping down I-85 in Atlanta during rush hour; changing lanes without they moved..swerving!

As I was observing the scene...Transmitting Live...back on the scene like Tiger Woods.. I used a fresh view..a fresh vision! 

Upgraded / updated; but things are still tight in these hoods...but we're new and improved we moved..a bruh is putting it down..that's how I'm living!

Whats up with it? society still hated...but were surviving..fighting like Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis in the UFC championship... 

Whats up with it? as we come real with this...shining lights like aurora borealis..back down to earth...we landed the mothership...

As a brotha gets scientific with it...upgrading / updating..but some are still hating....

Like asteroids threatening the earth..this Sonic Assault is like the NEO Shield Project...  prosecutors object.. as we put it down...jokers were like Republicans...still debating...     

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