Sunday, January 08, 2012

I Was Lounging...But Peace Wouldn't Be Still

I was chilling out.....lounging; its the aftermath...we're into 2012..the holiday season is over! 

How you feeling out there? please!! peace wouldn't be still..the arch nemesis is on the corporations are price gouging....Republicans's not the way I'm trying to deal!! chill with the won't get over!

Heard what was said..the empty promises...haters were told to stand down...abort operations!! this soldier is ready for battle!! like Iran enriching uranium sonic weapons are stashed in the armory! 

Haters were told to stand down...abort operations!! no weapons formed would work...why did they start with me? 

Tiger blood in my arteries? naw!! this is no Charlie Sheen mess!! even though we are winning! 

Tiger Woods style comebacks occur after we hit the reset button!! we went back to the beginning! 

Its tight in these hoods!! it's not Lob City like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin...but were lounging; please!! its not always about money...we've been broke! 

Peace wouldn't be still...theres no where to run or hide...there's always something...whatcha going through? who has the right goods and services? jokers were probably price gouging...trying to play us for a joke!

Sho you right per Barry White!!!  were paying the price; the good word is dropped along with this brand new funk! 

Were lounging..but peace wouldn't be still..bear witness to the next move we make; down here in the ATL getting crunk!

Not Stephen Hawking... but we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...

Chalking things up to experience..Are You Experienced like Jimi Hendrix? pumped my brakes like Bendix...I was lounging..but now I'm back in the race....

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