Monday, January 16, 2012

Peace Be Still....That's The Strategy

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..didn't forget the climb to the mountaintop....its the King Holiday....I was playing Still Waters by The Four Tops! 

Whats up money?  praying to the heavenly father is the strategy; because the drama never stops! 

Peace be still is also the strategy!! its hard to do sometimes when vehicles crash and burn like the Russian Space Probe...but we continue to probe the deep a brotha drops this breakbeat science! 

Please!! still waters run deep...just like waters off the coast of Italy where the cruise ship sank...but they're also full of sharks and piranhas..peeping game; I've seen the signs! 

If the pirates like the ones in Somalia can't get a ransom for you they'll throw you overboard in the deep waters; theres no where to run or hide! 

....Just like being thrown under the bus on TARC up in Louisville or MARTA down here in Atlanta...there was a bumpy ride! 

....Sounds bump when we ride in the mothership...whats up with it? ...we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...or out there taking these intergalactic journeys! 

Jackers thump marks and busters upside the head with toolies; a couple of shots might go off like 49er fans shot in Atlanta!! now jokers are at Grady Hospital on gurneys!

....Or out in ditches up I-20 in Sumter, SC...or buried in the sands of the Middle East where theres no peace!! as others ease on down the road like The Wiz....covered by prepaid legal attorneys! 

The plot switches...some will get knocked out like the Green Bay Packers....wrestling with the beast!! class is in session check the lessons; will we learn these? 

The plot we burn these Cd's and compose this good word to let my people know the deal....

The plot thickens as we bump heads with the arch nemesis that's on the premises..they wouldn't let peace be still....

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