Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heard What Was Said!!

I heard what was said!! man!! the prophet said it was another good day! 

True dat!! so I act like I knew that!! but the system can have you stressed out like Joe see what happened to whats happening? I still have something to say! 

Plus O-Dizzle has something to play..check the disco inferno..or its usually the basic street funk! 

The reign began with a it storms like the ones Birmingham it all falls down like Russian space junk! 

Pain is felt! now that's the dizzle!! the pressure is on...I tried to explain it to the prophet..but it didn't sink in! 

I heard what was said...gamblers out for a fast buck dealt bad some are hurting again!!! like in a Hurt  were on the team! 

Not like Herman Cain rolling with the wrong should have heard O-Dizzle will rock ya! 

Putting in work again and again!! relief for the suffering...the pain? please!!  the system will knock ya!

I heard what was somebody will jock your style or swagger...

I heard what was said...jokers said they can't "get no satisfaction" like the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger..

I heard what was I see what it do in these danger zones...jokers were rolling with the dagger plus ready to detonate explosive devices like they're in Syria..  

I heard what was I see what it do...bearing witness to the mass hysteria....

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