Sunday, January 22, 2012

Were Not Through Dealing

So whats really going on? we're moving forward...but right now this dude is just lounging..chilling!

Letting it do what it do!!'ll get shut down like Megaupload; but I'm following the street code...acting like I knew; actually I'm not through dealing! 

Whatcha going through? flash floods and wildfires like Reno? check the swag or have to be thorough when dealing with the apparatus and its agents! 

....Caught out there!!! victimized like Kobe Bryant when I drive to the basket...some foul!! I can tell you what flagrant is!

...Plus I can tell you what a vagrant is; I was out there for a minute until I got myself together! 

....Word from this weather forecaster like Al Roker!!  whats going on in your neck of the woods? like the Pacific Northwest I can tell you what inclement weather is!

Whose for or against us? haters were rolling like Newt Gingrich benevolence was found in Babylon!

I heard some are in pain!! it gets heavy...glitches in the matrix prevented them from getting it on!

Whats the word from Herman Cain? is he still pimping? Lets get it on from Marvin Gaye plays in the background...but in the danger zone the saga / struggle continues...but I didn't back down! 

Let the music play like Barry White... as we drop check out the Plutonian /Martian funk...intergalactic journeys were taken...we came back with the sound..

Earthlings were cutting up...attitudes are rude here in the heart of it these hostile territories so we act like we knew! we govern ourselves accordingly...we took the old school baptist preachers advice!

Lounging or chilling; now I come back around...once again its on! please!! I wasn't through dealing..but we knew where the boundary or border would be in the danger zone... straying across it? that ain't nothing nice!

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