Friday, January 20, 2012

This Is What We Do

This is what we do!! rolling like Newt Gingrich but there's no way we could support that crook / racist... as we stick to the original plan! 

We're glitches in the matrix..philosophy to cosmology per Steven Hawking? naw...but during the zone or full court press were ball hawking!! acting brand new...O-Zone puts it down...based on being the original man! 

OMANXL1 original extraordinary one; but this is not about me! 

Its a complex one;  wishing it was simple!! whats that? just trying to get my people free! 

As we get free and stay free!!  refusing to be misled...waiting in the dark...what can these folks say to me? not a damn thing! 

Misled by the Captain of the Costa Concordia? they'll even play me like Obama...whether I do or don't they'll damn the thing! 

O-Dizzle will rock doing the damn thing!! he's blasting back at the enemy!

The reign begin with a drizzle; now there's a snowstorm like Seattle; ...haters will knock the hustle!! others were basking in the limelight ...they were down with the evil entity! 

I had the low key Ralph Ellison invisible man style!!! cloaking and masking!! others kept their crime tight...they were down to Plan Z!

Some act like they know me!! but they're just James Bond cloak and daggering!! they really don't understand me! 

Some accused me of swagging...with the old school I pimped through...the king of parking lot pimping!! please!! the hooptie is like a Space X cargo ship....where did the mothership land me? damn!! I'm down here with these earthlings...they're cutting up! 

Please!! this is what we do...we respond with this good word and beats that O-Dizzle is chopping and cutting up!

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