Thursday, January 05, 2012

I Didnt Know About Them

Observing the scene...peeping game; spotted LA arsonists on a rage against America...what's the deal with ya?  I didn't know about some of these peeps!

...Swerving!! on the scene..but some were waiting in the dark; misled....actually sleeping in the game while another one creeps! 

Actors and actresses need to get their acts right!! word to Republican presidential candidates....they need to rehearse! 

Whats up with some? I didn't know about one that continues to hate.....the fact of the matter is...cycles can be broken;  who will break the curse? 

I heard what was said!!..the prophetess said it was generational; baby boomers or Generation X playing X Games? 

Jerome Bettis type buses crash through the line!!! whose up under it? a MARTA police officer sending explicit text messages?..not playing in the next games? 

Whats up with this? now on the injured reserve list? meanwhile no justice no peace is heard this from protesters in Union City Georgia! 

The prophetess will conjure up spirits; whose late with it? demerits were received from Citi Mortgage! 

Whats up with this? I didn't know about some of these folks..some sold out just to keep their front going...paying the price is what they called it....even the playa playas were hemorrhaging from the blood clot! 

I didn't know about some!! hurt during the initiation...FAMU band  or Bloods Crips all up in the spot?

Meanwhile the plot thickens!! I told you life is hectic....whats up with it? please!! I even felt the this similar to the word from Charles Dickens when I tell this tale of two cities?

I didn't know about some of these peeps..I'm Transmitting Live...on I-85 rolling from the ATL to Charlotte; in the heart of it..whats the word from the street committees?

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