Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Onslaught

Caught up in the midst of the's like GOP candidates in South Carolina..where did you find a bruh?...chilling...but the fortress was under attack! 

How were you brought up? the prophetess said the sport gets ugly ...might find a snitch in a ditch out in Sumter South Carolina.....the spot will get raided like Megaupload....word from Kim Dotcom....but what are we on? we'll be chilling..we have the knack!

....Or at least I thought we would be chilling.....we followed the street code...but now we're caught up in the in North Nigeria...check the mass hysteria ..the surprise attack! 

Rolling in a discrete mode..but like Hamas we deal with different keeps coming back...

The prophetess blamed it on karmic did we try to act?  there was no where to run or caught up with us! 

Whats up with this? now we come with the good word and percussions..but were finding out theres no peace or justice! 

....Now whats up with us? were just hanging on a string like Loose Ends! 

But soon busting loose like Chuck Brown!!  getting down with this good word and O-Dizzles funky blends!

God is not done with me yet!!! he sends blessings after I send up prayers! 

Now we survive the onslaught!! unlike the man in Spain gored by the flaming horn moving forward..its hard to stop these players!

Now we survive the onslaught!! word from Herman Cain defending Newt Gingrich?   

We roll up with the Sonic Assault..we heard our people were in pain from the glitches in the matrix..

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