Saturday, January 07, 2012

Stop The Madness PT.3....Feeling The Weird Energy

The conspiracy theory was discussed with the homies;  we had our eyes on the Republican primary...we peeped game! 

Hostile territory residents were still blessed; even after getting stressed...word from Egyptian Coptics.. those that didn't know were sleep in the game!

....Affected by the weird energy..they soon succumb to the chaos and confusion!

We're trying to Stop The Madness...we survived like the Bourne Legacy...please!! I wasn't scared!! the energy is transformed or refined; my mission is defined!!! I'm all about winning not losing! 

A bruh is choosing to take the assignment per Mission Impossible!! didn't follow the ghost you see me bouncing through limping! 

As I write this..using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol....not hacking..this is no denial of service...please!! were at your service...2011 just left; now its 2012...anything is possible!! its time to catch up on my pimping!

Wishing it was simple though.. as we bring this!! Israelis companies were hacked by OxOmar.. we're trying to take this thing far and wide...but it's not easy... we knew it wouldn't be! 

Couldn't party like a rock star like The Shop Boyz...we checked the ongoing vibe; feeling the weird energy! 

Checked out what it do with the tribe!! a weird entity chose the darkness instead of the light! 

O-Zone will transcribe this good word!! beats are manipulated by O-Dizzle; are we putting it down? like Barry White would say sho you right!

Check the vibe....the arch nemesis was on the premises...the fortress was invaded like Mike Tyson's hotel room.. 

Haters need to stop the madness...but that's how the sport gets as a weird energy floats around...but we left the Temple of Doom...

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