Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moving Targets Are Hard To Hit / The Humpday Edition

The mothership has landed on earth..were stuck..but refusing to be a sitting or lame duck;  moving targets are hard to hit!

Being elusive is conducive to my freedom; dipping on them like Edward Snowden?  please...concepts I revisit! 

Whatcha knowing? I'll be on one; not grabbing asteroids...chilling out on the next base on Mars? the galaxy was visited..but I was once tied up in local issues! 

Like Major League Baseball and steroids...the devil is in the he's a liar...whats the coping strategy?  I even felt the pressure! 

Whats up yall? the apparatus will test ya; I was a big target because I was standing alone against the world! 

Check the status; dodging thought and fashion police in the ATL to over in the Gaza Strip where rocks are hurled!

Along with Al Qaeda in Mogadishu and Israelis shooting missiles;  up in Louisville old ladies riding TARC carried pistols in their purses! 

Bogota and FARC talk...meanwhile a bruh kept it moving; told ya!! moving targets are hard to hit!! plus I'm trying to reverse spells and curses! 

Check these verses; bearing witness to shots fired at me coming from all directions! 

Jokers are Flipping Out!!  everyone is a suspect...who disrespects?  accenting my imperfections? 

As I dip through these sections; Its Time For Transition...moving targets are hard to hit!

As we kept it moving; good things happen that way..were refusing to quit!


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