Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Reign Began With A Drizzle PT.2

A clown left their car windows down!! now they have rain soaked carpets and cloth seats! 

Windows of opportunity were left open for the reign of terror..sometimes the CIA drones missed targets…even webmasters hit alt shift delete! 

I was cut from a different cloth..from the jokers acted brand new with me; were they influenced by cut up altered Dutch Masters ? soon they’re caught out there by storm troopers! 

Storm chasing like cats in Oklahoma or Kansas;  who understands us?  O-Zone has this good word;  breakbeats?  O-Dizzle will loop those! 

Other types of storms erasing rights and privileges?  who has the scoop on those E-5 tornadoes? 

Storms are heavy!! the reign began with a drizzle!! now its all the way live!! check out the drama perpetrated by haters! 

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