Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Out There / Outside The Box pt. 10 (Dealing With It)

          *wise to the whole set up / I could see what's up*

I could see what's going on!! like Republicans undermining foreign policy per Iran Nuclear Talks it appears deception was involved...

I was mad for a minute; burning up!!  fireman's lingo? the fire was fully involved..

But I'm not *mad atcha*  now,  it seems I've  solved most of my issues and Problems..

....Realized as long as we're in this Dark Mysterious World; there'll be issues and problems..

Reality is like that!!  *do whatcha gotta*  meanwhile we'll rock them...

Staying one step ahead of  skull and bones / SAE Oklahoma type of haters; hustles? they'll knock them...

Haters jock them; who?  brothas like me!!! like Suge Knight  running over people in the SUV folk were trying to *peep the steelo* 

Not fooling with them!!  I'm laying in the cut!! *incognegro*

Not fooling with them!! others told me to go with the flow; but I need to let it go...

...Schooling them!! class is in session!!  what they don't know / what don't they know?

Schooling them; the system is stressing the masses!! so we bring this BreakBeat Science..

Haters were ruling them; the system took them for a ride like they were on the Airlander 10; my folk didn't read the signs..

Decisions break their minds!!  Mind Blowing ones; like Heatwave..

Meanwhile we're in the lab dealing with it;  Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering; O-Dog is a beat slave..

O-Zone?  at one time I misbehaved!!  it didn't do anything but lead to more *Problems* 

Others contributed to the confusion; Now I'm *Outside The Box; Out There*  and me and O-Dog will rock them...

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