Monday, March 09, 2015

The Healing Process Is Not Complete PT.2 (Monday Morning Blah Edition)

Once again it on!! blessed to wake up on this Monday Morning!!  but the healing process is not complete. 

Please!! like Boko Haram in Africa jokers were still stressing!!  I tore up the list of demands or contract;  it said I was not to compete. 

Told not to come out in these streets or I would be racially profiled like I was in Ferguson

Please!!  it's like that down here in Dekalb County / Atlanta Georgia,  the so called land of milk and honey!!  it's not working son! 

But I'm not done!!  I'm out here / outside the box putting work in. 

Facing technical difficulties plus haters were questioning the abilities; I had to admit everything wasn't working. 

What it do?  jokers  were jerking / tugging Supermans cape!!  plus they were spitting in the wind. 

Messing around with Jim per Jim Croce!!  jokers were trying to act like they know me!! but the healing of the spirit is not complete,  so let the healing process began!

Messing around like Jim Boeheim?  now they want to suspend me!! they want me to release all my e-mails like Hillary Clinton!! 

Blessing the masses with the sound is how we respond!! it's part of the healing process!! we're just trying to win!!

Seminars and classes tell us there's always going to be something!! the apparatus will continue to stress!!

Scars / bruises? soon healing!!  we're not through dealing!! God will continue to bless!! 


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