Friday, January 06, 2017

Blinded By A Different Vision?

In the background?  I hear that pop song by the Manfred Mann's  Earth Band,  blinded by the lights

Tracked down by trouble due to having a different vision?  blindsided!!  now dropping these insights. 

20 -20 Hindsight will influence the direction, the fresh view / fresh vision.

 2017?  get your mind right!! no awkward clockwork, we're in need of  precision! 

How are we living?  tales of Augustus Caesar dominated the preceding holiday season. 

Heard the sales pitch, now Republicans dominate, talking about shuttering Obamacare!!  some were even heard saying render onto Caesar what is his or feel the wrath / hate per the treason!!

Seasons /  Reasons change;  who's mad at Shirley Caesar even though earlier she told you to name it? 

Seasons / Reasons change; damn!!  I mentioned the quiet before the storm but I wasn't trying to claim it!

...Not chained to it; please!!  I'm trying to get free and stay free. 

Blinded by the lights for having a different vision? I'm  not trying to let it change me!

20-20 hindsights help me rebuke the shady dealing, but going through the process brings fatigue...

2017? getting my mind right, even with this different vision!! the only way I can deal with the ongoing drama / intrigue...

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