Friday, January 06, 2017

Inclement Weather : The Quiet Before The Storm PT. 8

 Inclement weather interrupting the quiet before the storm? Georgia is in a state of emergency..

Detrimental? weathermakers make plans like Trump and the wall by Mexico, from the get go I knew nobody would work with me...

Instrumentals by O-Dizzle play and this good word is dropped; you heard me? more reliable than Julian Assange tricking Trump and Hannity..

Instrumental? it's hard on the mental but your dude cosmic slopped!! breakbeat science is dropped as the beats thump; who'll understand me?  

What it do? I had a different vision, that's how I'm living!!  so like Alabama vs Clemson opposition will be met.

My energy was flowing in another way!!  meanwhile, I'm clocking how the  Dothan Alabama racism will play!! act like you knew it! 

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