Monday, May 01, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Another May Day Edition)

 Check out these insights dropped on this May Day, it's based on rolling down I-20 in Atlanta.

Shining like Northern Lights for my constituents heard shouting Mayday!!  it's rough out here!! it's a big world,  somebody might understand a brotha. 

Baffled!! earlier? I was shouting mayday!!  where did the mothership strand a brotha after lights started blinking on the instrument panel? 

Gaffled by exploding North Korean missiles, plus these Atlanta constituents  kept shooting / exploding pistols!!  sirens were heard from Five-O.

Some haggled / braggadocious /  boisterous like Donald Trump at the NRA convention. 

On I-20?  he had Atlanta traffic tied up!! it's already struggling because of the I-85 bridge collapse!! broke,  but I paid attention. 

Taking it to the bridge like James Brown before I have a relapse!!  after attacks from the thought and fashion police?  the healing process is not complete. 

Faking it with this knowledge? please!! per Cheap Trick the Dream Police will enforce the law plus the matrix architect will hit alt shift delete. 

Faking it with this knowledge? please!! this art is based on the street funk, plus this good word based on 21st Century Beatnik elements...

The sounds? we're breaking them / wrecking them but per this good word?  O-Zone was accused of pseudo-intellectualism...

Wrecking them like a salty pimp in suede shoes and a suit from South Dekalb Mall? naw, not even like the salty pimp ice cream even though dude said he was like Wu Tang Clan mentioning C.R.E.A.M. holmes!!

Still rolling through your section out here on I-20 in Atlanta!! from Conyers to Decatur to out on Hamilton E Holmes!!

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