Saturday, November 17, 2018

A-Trak Backpack Hip Hop Mixtape | Boiler Room NYC

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check the clock and calendar; this is the Saturday Night Fever edition..

Check the transition, earlier we were Afternoon Jazzing, soon spazzing due to Georgia stolen elections? 

Check the transition, with the steady bombardment of the enemy position with these sounds..

The sound is weaponized, in the heart of it / some will be surprised; they'll petition the judge with different grounds..

Meanwhile we're rocking different sounds; funk / soul music / house music; at the moment? we're listening to this A-Trak Backpack Hip Hop Mixtape | Boiler Room NYC..

Some of the featured artists are Mos Def,  the Bush Babees , MF DOOMSlum Village, Big L, Lootpack, Royal Flush, Crooklyn Dodgers and others!! we're back into 90's, early 2000'S !! somebody might be able to feel these!!

We're back into 90's!! plus we're back up in the Boiler Room; beats will boom!! 

It's a big world, somebody will feel me!! per this Saturday Night Fever? we'll make the room go boom!!

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