Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Politicians Feat. McKinley Jackson - The World We Live In

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  we're broadcasting live on a cool sunny day in Atlanta..

Oh yes!! Atlanta Georgia, ground zero for  trickery and voter suppression along with the neighbors to the south in Florida..

We're casting our vote with a jazz / funk / soul session, check the classic aggression of this Sonic Assault..

The beat and the quote are tools used when class is in session; life is hectic / chaotic, lessons taught based on the hell that's caught..

Midterm Elections? constituents caste votes for shady politicians who contribute to the confusion in the world we live in..

In these sections?  check out the players and the track as we're dropping this jazz funk from The Politicians Feat. McKinley Jackson with a track called The World We Live In..

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