Saturday, November 10, 2018

Yukihiro Fukutomi feat Rich Medina - Equality (Pt 1)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on my Afternoon Jazz segment; in spiritual warfare? we'll roll up with a sonic regiment..

Oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues!! soon spazzing / taking it there? oh yes!! check out how we'll deal with it!!

Real with it!! excuse me for not having that "la la la " / "rah rah rah" stuff; excuse me for misrepresenting Atlanta, not into the trap life...

Real with it!! not Nathan Shady Deal with it, co-signing Brian Kemp voter suppression movements; no improvements, people trapped in the toil / strife..

Sounds blast, not bringing a knife to a gun fight!! I'm not that kind of pimp!! listening to Yukihiro Fukutomi feat Rich Medina talk about Equality (Pt 1)

It's going down from The ATL to Tokyo so whatcha know? this song is from 2005 but it's still relevant, can you dig it? I don't know, you might think O-Zone is on one!!

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