Sunday, November 18, 2018

Intelligent Jazz - Bionics (Jimpster's Jazz Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues; check us out, we're trying to keep this thing rolling!!

Traveling like we're taking I-20 in Atlanta excursions; caught out there swerving as Dekalb Police slow my rolling!!

Unraveling the mystery now soul controlling, vibe enhancing with this jazz music; enjoying these last few days of Scorpio Season..

Traveling back in history then to the future like I usually do on Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday; politicians continue to lie to me, I see how the sport will go bearing witness to the treason,,

Broadcasting live from Atlanta Georgia where Nathan Shady Deal and Brian Crooked Kemp stole an election!! they' ll soon face karmic  repercussions..

Broadcasting live from Atlanta Georgia, so what's the deal? we'll deal with the crooked by listening to some intelligent jazz from Intelligent Jazz with a track called  Bionics (Jimpster's Jazz Mix), check the percussions!!

Check out these sessions!! they're going down from Tokyo to London to here in Atlanta..

Check out these sessions, as we go for what we know!! responding to the ongoing madness; it's a big world somebody will understand a brotha!

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