Monday, November 26, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.7

It's going down!! your dude is back on a Monday Morning after a brief hiatus, check out these discussions...

Don't get me wrong, Digital Crate Digging and Sunday Jazz Continue!! O-Dizzle will bring the percussions..

Don't get me wrong!! this is breakbeat science, not junk science like Vocal Risk Assessment per AC Global Risk; unless the Lord blessed it there will be a risk /  there will be repercussions..

Don't get me wrong!! some will say this is a weird science, but funk is dropped along with this good word!! while some will deny climate change  / global warming we'll span the globe brainstorming, ignoring the corruptions!!

Dealing with distractions and interruptions by the so called "holiday season" that's here per Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday and now we have Cyber Monday, some will be hyper but I don't let those things run me! so how will this black man play? 

Breakbeat scientific business is handled; "holla at me" / I'm trying to hunker down per Larry Munson!! Georgia Bulldog or even Georgia Tech Yellowjackets  fans will know what the deal is. 

Playing the funky sound plus dropping this good word;  live from Atlanta Georgia where "Brian Crooked Kemp" and "Nathan Shady Deal" is.

..or are as English teachers, plus thought and fashion police raise the bar!!   encouragement from the Atlantic Council?

..broken beats and English astonished the commission,  the blue ribbon panels,  plus this or that council.

Approached the commissioner with a legal counselor; the system will mention repercussions like denying entry to the migrant caravan..

Sins of omission and commission are prayed about then percussions will play, O-Dizzle pulled them out!! in spiritual warfare we'll remain defiant..

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